Jungle Scene

Jungle Scene inspired by Tomb Raider. Renderings and text by Paulina A. Steinert, 2020.


This project was made within the context of this semester’s (WS 19/20) CGI exam pursuing the topic “survival”. Both the setting and also the objects were inspired by Tomb Raider (a movie
directed by Roar Uthaug in 2018) featuring a recurve bow, an arrow and a jungle setting similar to Lara Croft’s world – a setting that Lara Croft could potentially enter in a movie or game.


The main and also most detailed objects within this project are a recurve bow and an arrow. In addition to that a rusty lantern illuminates these objects in the shadow.

Arrow - Paulina Steinert
Arrow - Paulina A. Steinert
Bow - Paulina Steinert
Handmade Details - Paulina A. Steinert
Handmade Details
Wire of detail - Paulina Steinert
Wire of detail


During the working process a few changes were made like giving the bow’s carved patterns a rather edgy look and filling them with oxidized golden material in order to obtain a very characteristic shape that resembles Aztec/Mayan patterns for instance.

Detail - Paulina Steinert
Detail - Paulina Steinert



The objects aren’t a 1:1 copy of the references that were presented in the first concept on January 16th 2020 (the carved patterns got altered and the arrow’s feathers got a red tint instead of a blue one). It was a necessary step to avoid copyright violation and thus save the copyrights for the project itself for oneself.

Plan - Paulina A. Steinert
Plan of the scene with objects, shadows, DOF and golden ratio

Final Rendering

Final Rendering

Paulina A. Steinert worked and rendered with Blender. She used textures by https://texturehaven.com, https://www.poliigon.com, a background picture by Martin Zangerl at https://unsplash.com/, tree models from Botaniq Add on and grass from Grassland Add On, see https://www.blendermarket.com/.

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